WHEN: Saturday on April 13

                  9:00 – 19:00

WHERE: University of Economics in Bratislava

                  Dolnozemská cesta 1/B v Petržalke

Ticket price in pre-sale = 10 €
(the price is 12 € from 25.3. and 15 € on the day of event),
VIP ticket (including afterparty) = 50 €

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What is the goal of the conference?

Awareness and involvement of relevant institutions and government bodies, the financial and technological sector, as well as the education process, including the University of Economics in Bratislava.

We expect at least 500-1000 visitors from the professionals and general public.

Ticket price in pre-sale = 10 €
(the price is 12 € from 25.3. and 15 € on the day of event),
VIP ticket (including afterparty) = 50 €
We want to present companies, products and solutions as well as expert discussion in the following areas:
Digital assets, blockchain and peer-to-peer technologies
Related technical backgrounds and proof-of-work infrastructure (mining technology and related innovations)
Software applications and digital platforms (payment gateways, exchanges, trading, staking – CEX, DEX, DeFi, dApps)
Financial derivatives of digital assets (futures and spot ETF funds BTC, ETH and their impact on different segments)
Challenges in new digital asset regulation within the EU (MiCA and TRF regulation and upcoming CBDC including digital EURO)
Potential benefits for the financial, business sector and for the general consumer (including taxation of digital assets for persons and corporations, crypto service providers etc.)
Supervision of the cryptoasset market by the National Bank of Slovakia, digital security for businesses and consumers.


Juraj Bednár

serial entrepreneur, founder of more than 10 companies and several non-profit projects (Paralelná Polis) and author of the books Hack It, The Big Reboot and Cryptocurrencies – Hack Yourself a Better Life. He is a writer on freedom, crypto, privacy, Bitcoin, and entrepreneurship.

Marek Kyrsch

CEO, co-founder of Anycoin.cz and 21M group
Marek is a promoter of cryptocurrency adoption and a fan of the Austrian School of Economics. His vision as CEO helps Anycoin exchange and the entire 21M group to continuously develop and innovate to help Bitcoin adoption.

Peter Cmorej

Former Member of Parliament in Slovakia for the SaS party and a sponsor of the bill on better taxation of cryptocurrencies and investments. His professional interests include financial market, taxes, pensions and social affairs.

Ing. Mgr. Jakub Jedlinský Ph.D.

Jakub is a macroeconomist focusing on system dynamics. Since 2014, he has been teaching probably the world’s first economics-focused course on cryptocurrencies at the University of Economics. He also lectures commercially on alternative currencies and systems analysis and is philanthropically involved in anti-fraud. He is the co-founder of Altlift s.r.o., a crypto consulting and DLT application company. He has experience in setting up monetary solutions in gaming environments. He is interested in modelling money flows and stress testing business plans by constructing disquequilibrium dynamic models, which he learned during a research fellowship at Kingston University London under Prof. Steve Keen.

Jan Krajča

Founder and CEO of Bitcoinmat.sk, which operates more than 60 Bitcoinmats in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Greece. His main passion is cash and crypto, which he has applied in other projects. He acts as a speaker at many events, or organizes meetups himself for better adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Milan "Sodomák" Půlkrábek

Milan is the author of the Digital Self-Defense project. He has past experience in running Paralelní Polis or organizing the HCPP congress, as well as workshops and a series of videos on digital security, privacy and cryptocurrencies. In his talks he usually offers a set of useful tips on how not to let the online world get to you. Whether it’s securing your phone, computer, or crypto wallet.

Lukáš Steiniger

Lawyer and tax & accounting expert who specializes in the regulation of cryptocurrencies, their taxation, structuring and business with them in Slovakia and abroad. In addition, he regularly advises several crypto projects and actively educates individuals and legal entities on taxation and the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life.

Juraj Forgács

Co-founder and CEO of Fumbi, managing the Slovak crypto-investment leader. He is transforming cryptocurrency investing in Slovakia. With extensive experience in economics and the crypto sector, he focuses on investment innovation. His passion for technology and cryptocurrencies is helping to shape the future of safe and transparent cryptocurrency investing.

Marek Glodžák

Marek is a DayTrader in the KryptoTrejder group since 2021, where he focuses on shorter timeframes and scalping. He has been working with finance since 2014, where he worked as a financial agent. From the field, he has always been most fascinated by investments and newly discovered cryptocurrencies, so in 2016 he decided to give this opportunity a try.

Andrej Cabaj

Andrej is an entrepreneur, mechatronics engineer, crypto anarchist, Bitcoiner and Hydranode operator.

Ivo Čechman

Ivo is a technology specialist and analyst at Crypto Kingdom, a long-time cryptocurrency enthusiast. He is particularly interested in decentralized finance and fundamental analysis for longer time horizons. He is the author of the book “Krypto Šľechta z Paneláku” (Crypto Aristocracy from Block of Flats) focused on protection from cryptocurrency scams.

Martin Gregor

Martin is the founder and editor of the kryptonovinky.sk portal, youtuber, influencer, Bitcoiner and moderator of panel discussions at bitcoin conferences.

Dušan Kmetyo

Dusan is a Bitcoin evangelist, educator, organizer of the CryptoByte cryptocurrency conference held annually in Liberec, Czechia. He is an associate of the Czech Cryptocurrency Association ČKMA.

Ing. Jakub Kraľovanský

Investor, trader, educator, entrepreneur and visionary. He started investing in gold and silver back in 2013. In 2015, he made his first investment in Bitcoin.

Roland Kovács

Bitcoin Advisor and Bitcoin Mindset Educator Bitcoin Marketing Department
– I explain Bitcoin
– I’m experimenting with the idea of a future with sound money
– I create mental models
– I have been passive investing for 30 years
Education: MBA Rochester Institute of Technology


Marianna Sádecká

Graduated in Austrian economics with a focus on cryptoanarchy and cryptocurrencies. She has worked as an editor and discussion moderator at .tyzden magazine, co-founded of Paralelná Polis in Bratislava, Slovak Students for Liberty, and recorded a podcast on IT Security as a local guest.

Juraj Javor

Juraj has been working as an IT Business Analyst and Developer for more than 10 years. He has developed his career in multinational corporations at home and abroad. He graduated with a degree in Computing from Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland. His passion for technology, financial markets and investing led him to start a YouTube channel called Bitcoin Sféra, where he creates content about bitcoin.

Lukáš Kovanda, Ph.D.

Czech economist and author of economic literature. He is Chief Economist at Trinity Bank. From 2020-2022, he was a member of the National Economic Council of the Czech Government, which focused in particular on combating the economic consequences of the spread of COVID-19. He is also active as a socio-economic analyst at the United Nations (UN). He analyses and comments on macroeconomic issues, investments and new phenomena such as the sharing economy, cryptocurrencies and fintech. He follows the development of the (geo)political and economic situation in the world and in the Czech Republic. He lectures at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Economics in Prague. He is a member of the scientific board of the Czech Banking Association. He has published two collections of interviews (not only) with Nobel Prize winners in economics. He is the author of the behavioural economics books ‘Why Air is Free and Virginity is Expensive’ and ‘Why Women Can’t Buy Attraction and Men Can’, which were also published in Slovakia. Together with Evžen Korc, they published the book ‘Buying an Apartment Under the Magnifying Glass or How to Successfully Choose, Finance and Buy an Apartment’. He is a long-distance runner and has successfully completed the New York City Marathon.